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My name is Brenton Good, and I am the sole knife maker at Quickhatch Knives.
As a bushcraft knife maker I am passionate about providing the highest quality handmade knives to my customers.
I'm a one man operation,thus all my bushcraft knives are handmade one at a time by me.
I take pride in the fact that all facets of the knife making process is done by me,this includes,designs,profiling,
heat treating, tempering, and handle work.

For the last several years I've been working hard on creating a knife specifically for Bushcraft use.
After Years of Bushcraft knife making and countless hours of trial and error, I'm proud to present the Quickhatch "Trapper".

I will also be offering other versions of the "Trapper'' knife in a Medium and small Versions.
For more information on individual Handmade Bushcraft knife models, please visit my handmade signature knife tab.
If you would like to commission me to build one of my model knives a specific way, please email me with information. 

Thanks for visiting Quickhatch Bushcraft Handmade Knives
Best Regards
Brenton Good.   

Here at Quickhatch handmade bushcraft knives we take great pride in workmanship in each individual handmade bushcraft knife and handmade leather sheath.  We do not fabricate our handmade bushcraft knives as we like to pay special attention to each and every detail.  Quickhatch Custom handmade bushcraft knives would like to encourage you to research your states legislative knife law, as they all differ from state to state.  By purchasing  handmade custom bushcraft knives you are certifying that you are 18 years of age or older.  
No Custom handmade bushcraft knife will be exactly the same, as these are "All" handmade